Back after the summer

Welcome back after the summer to everybody! Classes will start next week (the week of September 13,2010).

Tomorrow, on September 8, 2010 (13.15-15.00), there will be a meeting for the new students, in the Lipsius building, room 002.

Finally, all students who will have a problem with the fact that the Typology course is postponed to the second semester, should contact me (Marc van Oostendorp) as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Leiden Research Master in Linguistics

This is the new weblog for the Research MA Linguistics at Leiden University. All announcements etc. of this programme will come here.

Two weeks ago I have started working as the chair of the board of the Research MA programme. This means that from now
on, I will be responsible for organizing this programme; I have taken over this job from Maarten Mous, who has done it for the past 1,5 years.

I cannot do this alone. Fortunately, I can work together with Karin van der Zeeuw (,
who is temporarily replacing Grace Rowicka as the ‘ studiecoordinator’. Furthermore, the
board of the Research MA also has a student
member; Angela Kluge ( has
accepted to take this role until the summer. But I also need your input and ideas about what you like here in Leiden and what could be changed, so please tell me!

Looking at the list of e-mail addresses, I can see that I have already met most of you in some class, I hope that I will be in touch with all of you. Please come to my office to meet me whenever you feel the need to. I will have office hours in my room (building 1166-205c) on Tuesdays from 9;30-11.00 (except next Tuesday, by the way), but you can mail me ( to make an appointment (preferably on Tuesdays or Fridays).